Generation of Molecular Complexity from Cyclooctatetraene: Preparation of Optically Active Protected Aminocycloheptitols and Bicyclo[4.4.1]undecatriene

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Natural Products Synthesis via Organoiron Methodology

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Chemistry, a European Journal

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The racemic (6-cyclo-heptadienyl)Fe(CO)3+ cation ((±)-7), prepared from cyclooctatetraene, was treated with a variety of carbon and heteroatom nucleophiles. Attack took place at the less hindered C1 dienyl carbon and decomplexation of the (cycloheptadiene)Fe(CO)3 complexes gave products rich in functionality for further synthetic manipulation. In particular, a seven-step route was developed from racemic (6-styryl-2,4-cycloheptadien-1-yl)phthalimide ((±)-9 d) to afford the optically active aminocycloheptitols (−)-20 and (+)-20.

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Chemistry, a European Journal, Vol. 19, No. 7 (February 2013): 2330-2336. DOI.