Gingival Abscess Removal Using a Soft-Tissue Laser

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Dentistry Today, Inc.

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Dentistry Today

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Gingival abscess, also known as parulis, is defined as a localized, acute inflammatory lesion that may arise from a number of sources, including microbial plaque infection, trauma, and foreign body impaction. It often presents as a smooth, fluctuant, red-color swelling and can occasionally be painful. It is generally limited to marginal and interdental gingiva. Based on its location it has been classified as a type of periodontal abscess which does not involve any attachment loss. The treatment comprises of removal of the cause and, in acute situations, excision of the abscess. A typical gingival abscess is easy to diagnose; however, as suggested by the lack of literature, it is rarely seen in clinical situations.

This article presents a clinical case of a gingival abscess located adjacent to recently-placed implants, and discusses its etiology, histopathology, and treatment with an 810-nm soft-tissue diode laser.


Dentistry Today, Vol. 30, No. 2 (2011): 114-116. Publisher link.