The French and Francophone Languages and Literatures Faculty Research and Publications Series is comprised of books and articles published by Marquette University's French and Francophone languages and literatures faculty.


Submissions from 2013


Review of Schwam-Baird, Shira, ed. and trans. Valentin et Orson: An Edition and Translation of the Fifteenth-Century Romance Epic, Steven Millen Taylor

Submissions from 2010


Summary of Research on the Dit, Steven Millen Taylor 1941-


The Conception of Mary: A Rhyming Translation of Book V of Le Champion des Dames by Martin le Franc (1410-1461), Steven Millen Taylor 1941-

Submissions from 2006


Nicolas de Largillierre, Portrait of the Young John Bateman as Cupid, ca. 1728-29, Sarah Gendron


Marie d'Orleans, Joan of Arc, ca. 1830, Steven Millen Taylor 1941-