Adherence of Prime-Time Television Advertising Disclosures to the “Clear and Conspicuous Standard”: 1990 vs. 2002

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Fall 2004

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Journal of Public Policy & Marketing


In 1990, one-fourth of all national television commercials contained disclosures, yet none of the disclosures adhered to all of the Federal Trade Commission's "clear and conspicuous" standard (CCS). As a result of marketplace changes and a 2001 Federal Trade Commission and National Advertising Division joint workshop, the authors anticipate an increase in the number of disclosures and greater adherence to the CCS. The authors find a significant increase in disclosure incidence; however, adherence declines or remains unchanged for most individual guidelines. Finally, the authors provide public policy implications and offer suggestions to increase adherence to the CCS.


Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Volume 23, No. 2, pp 170-182 (Fall, 2004). Permalink: http://www.journals.marketingpower.com/doi/pdf/10.1509/jppm.