The Future of Catholic Biblical Scholarship: A Constructive Conversation


The Future of Catholic Biblical Scholarship: A Constructive Conversation



This volume considers the current state of research, offering a critique of current approaches to Catholic Biblical scholarship from a Catholic viewpoint. The authors (they're both Catholic theologians: Johnson teaches at Emory U., Kurz at Marquette U.) have contributed five chapters each on their approaches to Biblical interpretation, chapters in which they respond to each other's work, and a co-written conclusion offering their views on the importance of maintaining a Catholic identity in Biblical scholarship.



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Grand Rapids, MI




Table of Contents

Part I. Luke Johnson --

1. What's Catholic about Catholic Biblical Scholarship? An Opening Statement --

2. Rejoining a Long Conversation --

3. Origen and the Transformation of the Mind --

4. Augustine and the Demands of Charity --

5. Imaging the World That Scripture Imagines --

6. Bill Kurz: Response to Luke Johnson --

Part II. Bill Kurz --

7. Beyond Historical Criticism: Reading John's Prologue as Catholics --

8. Voices in the Church: Preunderstandings in Applying Scripture --

9. Bread of Life in John 6: Intertextuality and the Unity of Scripture –

10. Feeding the 5000 in John 6 and the Eucharist: Spiritual Senses and Actualization --

11. Test Case: "Whose Sins You Shall Forgive" in John 20: Applying Scripture with the Catechism --

12. Luke Johnson: Response to Bill Kurz --

Part III. Luke Johnson and Bill Kurz --

13. Opening the Conversation --