Global Economic Issues and Policies, Second Edition


Global Economic Issues and Policies, Second Edition



This introduction to all aspects of international economics, business and finance is the clearest guide available to the economics of the world we live in. Written in a highly engaging style, packed full of up to the minute, real world case studies and pitched at introductory level, the book does an expert job of drawing students in and will leave them equipped with a comprehensive toolkit and methods and essential facts.



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Table of Contents

Unit 1: Introduction to the Global Economy

1. Understanding the Global Economy

2. Comparative Advantage: How Nations Can Gain from International Trade

Unit 2: International Trade: Enduring Issues

3. Sources of Comparative Advantage

4. Regulating International Trade: Trade Policies and their Effects

5. Regionalism and Multilateralism

Unit 3: International Finance: Enduring Issues

6. Balance of Payments and Foreign Exchange Markets

7. Exchange Rate Systems: Past to Present

8. The Power of Arbitrage: Purchasing Power and Interest Rate Parities

9. Global Money and Banking: Where Central Banks Fit into the World Economy

Unit 4: Contemporary Global Economic Policies and Issues

10. Contemporary Global Economic Issues and Policies

11. Economic Development

12. Industrial Structure and Trade in the Global Economy: Businesses without Borders

13. The Public Sector in the Global Economy

14. Dealing with Financial Crises: Does the World Need International Financial Architecture