Amputee Subject Testing Protocol, Results, and Analysis of a Powered Transtibial Prosthetic Device

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Journal of Medical Devices

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A powered ankle-foot prothesis and its control system were previously designed and built. To evaluate this prosthesis, amputee subject testing was performed. The testing results are analyzed and compared between the powered prosthesis, passive prosthesis, and able-bodied gait. Qualitative comparison showed the prosthesis achieved the design objectives. During stance phase, active ankle moment was generated in the powered prosthesis before push-off to help the amputee walk more naturally. During swing phase, the powered prosthesis was able to move to natural position to achieve foot clearance. However, the prosthesis is slightly under powered compared with the able-bodied ankle.


Journal of Medical Devices, Vol. 8, No. 4 (2014): 041007. DOI.