Synthesis of Point Planar Elastic Behaviors Using Three-Joint Serial Mechanisms of Specified Construction

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The American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics

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This paper presents methods for the realization of 2 × 2 translational compliance matrices using serial mechanisms having three joints, each either revolute or prismatic and each with selectable compliance. The geometry of the mechanism and the location of the compliance frame relative to the mechanism base are each arbitrary but specified. Necessary and sufficient conditions for the realization of a given compliance with a given mechanism are obtained. We show that, for an appropriately constructed serial mechanism having at least one revolute joint, any single 2 × 2 compliance matrix can be realized by properly choosing the joint compliances and the mechanism configuration. For each type of three-joint combination, requirements on the redundant mechanism geometry are identified for the realization of every point planar elastic behavior at a given location, just by changing the mechanism configuration and the joint compliances.


Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, Vol. 9, No. 1 (February 2017). DOI.