Direct Quadrature Method of Moments with Delumping for Modeling Multicomponent Droplet Vaporization

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International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

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A multicomponent droplet vaporization model which combines the computational efficiency of continuous thermodynamic approaches with the detailed species information provided by discrete component models has been developed. The Direct Quadrature Method of Moments (DQMoM) is used to efficiently solve for the evolution of the nodes and weights of the equivalent liquid-phase mole fraction distribution without assuming any functional form. The novelty of the approach is an inexpensive delumping procedure that is used to reconstruct the time-dependent mole fractions and fluxes for all discrete species. When applied to a vaporizing kerosene droplet, agreement between the full discrete component model, which solves ODEs for every individual species, and DQMoM with delumping, which solves only a few ODEs, is excellent. This computationally inexpensive model is well-suited for implementation in CFD codes with detailed kinetic mechanisms, as it enables accurate calculation of species source terms from the droplets without incurring an unrealistic computational cost.


International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Vol. 103 (December 2016): 940-954. DOI.