Characterizations of Certain Continuous Distributions

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Multiscale Signal Analysis and Modeling

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doi: 10.1007/978-1-4614-4145-8_13


In designing a stochastic model for a particular modeling problem, an investigator will be vitally interested to know if their model fits the requirements of a specific underlying probability distribution. To this end, the investigator will vitally depend on the characterizations of the selected distribution. The Amoroso, SSK (Shakil–Singh–Kibria), SKS (Shakil–Kibria–Singh), SK (Shakil–Kibria), and SKS-type distributions have been suggested to have potential applications in modeling and are characterized here based on either a simple relationship between two truncated moments or a truncated moment of a function of the first order statistic or of a function of the nth order statistic, the two more interesting order statistics. We also present a characterization of SKS-type distribution based on the conditional expectation of adjacent generalized order statistics.


"Characterizations of Certain Continuous Distributions," Multiscale Signal Analysis and Modeling. Eds. Xiaoping Shen and Ahmed I. Zayed. New York, US: Springer New York, 2013: 297-316. Publisher Link.