Parenting Behaviors of African American and Caucasian Families: Parent and Child Perceptions, Associations with Child Weight and Ability to Identify Abnormal Weight Status

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Journal of Pediatric Nursing

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This study examined the agreement between parent and child perceptions of parenting behaviors, the relationship of the behaviors with the child's weight status, and the ability of the parent to correctly identify weight status in 176 parent–child dyads (89 Caucasian and 87 African American). Correlational and regression analyses were used. Findings included moderate to weak correlations in child and parent assessments of parenting behaviors. Caucasian dyads had higher correlations than African American dyads. Most parents correctly identified their own and their child's weight status. Parents of overweight children used increased controlling behaviors, but the number of controlling behaviors decreased when the parent expressed concern with their child's weight.


Journal of Pediatric Nursing, Vol. 27, No. 3 (June 2012): 195-205. DOI.