What Can Parents Do to Reduce Youth Obesity? An Initial Study With a Diverse Sample

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Journal of Pediatric Nursing


The body mass index (BMI) of diverse, low-income fifth grade students (n = 36) was regressed on physical activity (Child Adolescent Activity Log), percentage dietary fat (Food Habits Questionnaire), and the Food/Activity Parenting Practices Questionnaire. The model explained 50% of the variance in student BMI, adjusted R2 = .50, F (4, 19) = 6.84, p = .001. Students accurately perceived their weight status. Students' perception of parenting strategies, along with dietary fat, was significantly associated with their BMI. Parent's (n = 14) BMI, not the child's, was associated with the strategies they used. Three parents tested an online authoritative parenting program. Further research is needed.


Journal of Pediatric Nursing, Volume 26, No. 5, pp 428-434 (October 2012), DOI: 10.1016/j.pedn.2010.09.001.