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Advances in Mechanical Engineering

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The bond between fiber-reinforced polymer and concrete substrate plays a key role in the performance of concrete structures after strengthened by externally bonded fiber-reinforced polymer composite materials. The single shear pull-out test is generally used to determine the interface characteristics, and various bond–slip models have been proposed based on the results of this test. However, the sensitivity of the bond strength to the boundary conditions has not yet been considered in the available models in the literatures. This article presents an experimental and numerical study targeted at understanding the influence of the boundary conditions on the bond strength of the fiber-reinforced polymer/concrete interface in the single shear pull-out test. The validated finite element analysis by experimental results is used for the sensitivity study of the bond strength and stress state of the interface to the boundary conditions of the concrete block. It is found that the constraint height of the concrete block at the loaded side is an influential parameter on the stress state of the interface and the bond strength.


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