Date of Award

Summer 2013

Degree Type

Professional Project - Restricted

Degree Name

Masters in Leadership Studies


College of Professional Studies


Utilizing data collected from both qualitative and quantitative research methods, this study analyzed the most effective components of a leadership development program as it relates to success-driven student-athletes at Marquette University. A nonprobability purposive sample was used, which was made up of the 280 varsity student-athletes at Marquette University, ranging in age from 18-to-24. A nonprobability expert sampling of college athletic administrators and Marquette University coaches was also tested. The primary methods utilized were a 17-question online survey completed by the studentathletes, while industry professionals and Marquette University coaches were invited to participate in structured interview sessions with the primary investigators. The interviews were conducted in person or via phone. The findings, collected in both the surveys and interviews, confirmed that the establishment of a student-athlete leadership academy at Marquette University was a legitimate and welcome endeavor, while at the same time identifying the components most likely to make the long-term success of the programming a probability. The conclusion of the study features a proposed annual program to be implemented by Marquette University’s administrators.



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