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Randomized Comparison of Two Internet-Supported Methods of Natural Family Planning

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Numeric Data

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Data field variable labels:

ID, Group, Age, Age Male, Marital Status, Male's Marital Status, Number of years married, If engaged when planning to wed, Religion, Religion Male, Ethnicity, Ethnicity Male, Number of years gone to school, Number of years gone to school male, Male's career, Male's Income, Height in inches, Weight, Reproductive Categogory, Number of pregnancies, Number of living children, Number of miscarriages, Number of abortions, Taking any medication or vitamins?, Explain any medication or vitamins you are taking, Gynecological surgeries, Gynecological surgeries, Male's Number of living kids, Number of living boys, Number of living girls, Male taking any medication or vitamins, Male explain any medication or vitamins, Urological surgeries and the date, Urological surgeries and the date, Are you breastfeeding?, Current method of family planning, If you are no which was the most recent method you used, When did you stop using your most recent method?, Why do you want to chart your fertility?, When do you want your next pregnancy to begin?, Male's when do you want next pregnancy, Does your spouse share this intention?, Male does your spouse share, If attempting to become pregnant for how long? months, Initial1, Initial2, Initial3, Initial4, Initial5, Initial6, Initial7, Initial8, Initial9, Initial10, Initial test number correct, Month1, Month2, Month3, Month4, Month5, Month6, Month7, Month8, Month9, Month10, Monthtotal, Survey1.1, Survey1.2, Survey1.3, Survey1.4, Survey1.5, Survey1.6, Survey1.7, Survey1.8, Survey1.9, Survey1.10, Charting, IncorrectCycles, CorrectCycles, TotalCycles, howhardf1, howhardm1, howmuchf1, howmuchm1, , howhardf2, howhardm2, howmuchf2, howmuchm2, howhardf3, howhardm3, howmuchf3, howmuchm3, howhardf4, howhardm4, howmuchf4, howmuchm4, howhardf5, howhardm5, howmuchf5, howmuchm5, howhardf6, howhardm6, howmuchf6, howmuchm6, howhardf7, howhardm7, howmuchf7, howmuchm7, howhardf8, howhardm8, howmuchf8, howmuchm8, howhardf9, howhardm9, howmuchf9, howmuchm9, howhardf10, howhardm10, howmuchf10, howmuchm10, howhardf11, howhardm11, howmuchf11, howmuchm11, howhardf12, howhardm12, howmuchf12, howmuchm12, All Pregnancies (Avoid plus Achieve), Net 1 = All Preg - Achieve, (For Preg) Net 1- those not using method, (For Preg) Net 1 + Net 2 - conscious departure, Correct Use Pregnancy, Pregnancy, CorrectUse, Pregnancy1, IncorrectUse, TotalPregCorrectplusIncorrect, Miscarriage, PregMethFail, TotalPregAvoiding, Survey3.1, Survey3.2, Survey3.3, Survey3.4, Survey3.5, Survey3.6, Survey3.7, Survey3.8, Survey3.9, Survey3.10, Survey6.1, Survey6.2, Survey6.3, Survey6.4, Survey6.5, Survey6.6, Survey6.7, Survey6.8, Survey6.9, Survey6.10, FU6, FU7, FU6.3, FU7.3, FU6.6, FU7.6, FU6.12, FU7.12, Survey1Tot, Survey3Tot, Survey6Tot, BodyMassIndex

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This human subject data has been anonymized for dissemination. Data reuse agreed to by subjects in consent form.

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FedMotivateRCTMMNRS.csv (159 kB)
Monitoring Method Satisfaction and Efficacy Data CSV version

data_nfp_011.pdf (199 kB)
Monitoring Method Satisfaction and Efficacy Data codebook