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Natural Products Synthesis via Organoiron Methodology

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Spectral Data

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Spectral data created in the course of the research project. Supports specific findings in "Synthesis of Cyclopropanes via Organoiron Methodology: Stereoselective Preparation of Bi(cyclopropyl)s".

Cyclopropanation of [2-(alkenyl)pentenediyl]Fe(CO)3 complexes (4) proceeds in a diastereoselective fashion to afford [2-(cyclopropyl)pentenediyl]Fe(CO)3. The relative stereochemistry of the products was established by X-ray crystallography. The diastereoselectivity is rationalized on approach of the cyclopropanation reagent on the sterically more exposed face of 4. Oxidatively induced reductive elimination afforded stereodefined bi(cyclopropyl)s.