An organizational case study of shared leadership development in nursing

Vicki M George, Marquette University


This case study documented a process of organization change over eight years in one nursing collective's attempt to implement a professional practice model, The qualitative analysis demonstrated the key elements for implementation of shared governance and the establishment of a pea review system. These elements were training for shared leadership, goal setting with feedback, mentoring and role modeling. The shared leadership training program resulted in significant (p < 000) changes in leadership behaviors and practice autonomy scores as measured by Leadership Practices Inventory and Schutzenhafer Nursing Activity scale, respectively. When managers and staff leaden use shared leadership in a bureaucratic health can organization, they strengthen the staff nurse's autonomy at point of service. Implications and recommendations directed to nurse executives, educators, researchers and clinical staff are included.

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George, Vicki M, "An organizational case study of shared leadership development in nursing" (1999). Dissertations (1962 - 2010) Access via Proquest Digital Dissertations. AAI9947903.