Date of Award

Spring 1976

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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




This study concerns the validation (establishment of the job-relatedness) of a written test used to screen candidates for the position of firefighter in the City of Milwaukee. The Firefighter Test (selection test) was constructed from a carefully prepared task analysis of the job of firefighter in that city and, thus, seems to possess content validity when used to choose candidates for that position (Tagatz, 1974, Vol, 1). Specifically, the purpose of this study is to extend the validation to include: (a) predictive validation; (b) concurrent validation; and (c) construct validation. Thus, answers shall be sought to the .following three questions: 1. Do written Firefighter Test (selection test) scores predict on-the-job performance of firefighters by demonstrating significant correlations with scores for the following criterion measures: (a) the Achievement Test .for Firefighters (ATF) which is an examination based on the task analysis of the Milwaukee Fire Department (MFD) job of firefighter which test was written for this study and (b) a 60-item rating scale of on-the-job performance for use by work supervisors which was constructed for this study? 2. Do written Firefighter Test (selection test) scores correlate significantly with scores on criterion measures: (a) scores from the written firefighter achievement test (ATF) developed for this study and (b) on-the-job performance rating scores given by supervisors on the rating scale constructed for this study, when all of the data are obtained simultaneously? 3. Does the written Firefighter Test (selection test) possess construct validity as indicated by identification of the construct of on-the-job performance of firefighters?



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