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Dissertation - Restricted

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



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John Macquarrie

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Cyril C. Richardson

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Massey H. Shepherd Jr.

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Carroll E. Simcox


Within the Anglican Communion during the first decades of this century, there were pronounced differences of opinion respecting the relation of the Eucharistic Presence to the consecrated bread and wine. These differences are still present today, and they indicate the existence of a situation within that Communion which is similar to the one in which Christianity as a whole finds itself. But there is also present within the Anglican Communion evidence of efforts to reinterpret the relation of the Presence to the Eucharistic elements, efforts to overcome the differences of opinion and move toward mutual understanding and actual synthesis. Any progress along this line achieved by Anglicans may provide insights for the larger ecumenical effort within Christianity. This study is an attempt to ascertain the extent and nature of any progress made within Anglicanism. The study includes an investigation of the principles of thought which are operative in the efforts at reinterpretation. The period examined is the last thirty years, from 1938 through 1967.



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