Effects of Group Counseling on Freshmen Nursing Students

Lucile Cohn


The writer of this paper has spent more than two decades working with nursing personnel, particularly nursing students in schools of nursing. For five and a half of those years the service has been in the role of counselor for all hospital personnel. Helping people to resolve conflictual situations by freeing the persons' ego resources, by helping them be more fully themselves, by stressing the here-and-now, by fostering an understanding of the pressures and conflicts felt, and by exploring emerging alternative behaviors has been a major task of this Employee Counselor of Mount Sinai Medical Center.

The investigation reported in this study was prompted by a need to explore the thesis that attitudes, behaviors, and self-concepts could be improved through group counseling. Hopefully, the results of this study will be provocative, of interest and value to others working with nursing students whether in a community, Junior College, hospital, or university setting.

The research which led to the writing of this paper included a review of numerous books and articles relative to counseling, group and individual. The theses selected are of current interest and were selected in order to emit additional light on the manner in which we may better help nursing students, within all nursing programs, in their adjustments with self and others.