Date of Award

Spring 2011

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)



First Advisor

Bausch, Thomas A.

Second Advisor

Pink, William

Third Advisor

Thorn, William


This academic enterprise is a result of careful research and detailed work that was done for the benefit of the Church in Tanzania in particular but with general implications to the Church in Africa and the Church Universal. According to Kalilombe (2002), "Self-reliance of the local Church in Africa remains a crucial subject matter" (p.2). The Catholic Church in Tanzania, as is true in most of other Churches in Sub-Saharan Africa, has traditionally been dependent to some extent on financial gifts and foreign aid (donations). However, as the financial needs of the rapidly growing dioceses are increasing, subsidies and donations are being reduced, and dramatically fewer religious personnel from abroad are available. Due to a series of circumstances explored and examined in this dissertation, it becomes clear that the Church of Africa must move to financial and personnel independence and self-sufficiency in the very near future.

In general, this dissertation is a result of an exploratory study which describes the needs of the Catholic Church in Tanzania in particular and Africa in general. The study will be followed by an application of existing models of ongoing dependency. Such dependency possibly explains present reality and provide insights into courses of action that must be taken if a sustainable Church in Africa is to evolve. The insights will also be applied to the specific issues in the setting of the Church in Tanzania, with important implications for the broader Church in Africa.