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ECON 4048 The Russian Economy

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Russia, Soviet Union, Communist


ECON 4048. The Russian Economy 3 sem. hrs. Examines the development of the Russian economy, from the origin of the Muscovite state in 1462 to the present post communist state. Common elements as well as idiosyncratic peculiarities of each period are studied. Particular attention is paid to the Soviet Communist era, including examination of Lenin’s New Economic Policy, Stalin’s collectivization and creation of a planned economy, the Soviet experience in World War II, the gradual stagnation and decline of Soviet economic power beginning in 1965, and the end-game of Soviet communism engineered by Gorbachev from 1985 to 1991. The course concludes with a careful examination of the post communist transition and prospects for the future of Russia’s economy. Prereq: ECON 2003 and ECON 2004

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