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ECON 3001 Applied Business Economics

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Applied Business Economics, Managerial Economics


ECON 3001. Applied Business Economics 3 sem. hrs. The focus of this course is to explain and develop key economic principles, models, and data that are relevant to business analysis and managerial decision-making. It expands on important economic principles including demand and supply, production and cost, market structures, profit maximization and pricing strategies under varying competitive conditions. Students are expected to develop skills in the practice of using economic models, data and statistical techniques in the process of business decisionmaking, as well as an understanding of both the usefulness and limitations of such models, data, and techniques. Students may not take both ECON 3001 and ECON 3003 for credit. Prereq: ECON 2003 and ECON 2004 and MANA 2028 or equiv.

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