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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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2020 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT)

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There has been growing interest in multi-port power converters especially three-port converters (TPCs) over the past several years. The main reason is their growing use in applications like solar and traction applications to combine different blends of energy sources/storage. Even though there is a large body of work that exists in literature and a large number of topologies proposed as well as a few review papers, there is no generalized systematic approach explaining how to develop/design a TPC based on the involved inputs and outputs. This paper presents this generalized systematic approach. The proposed approach will be applied to two cases and the topologies that evolve out of this process will be discussed. The paper will also cover in a more comprehensive way the various modes of operation of a TPC. Also, the proposed approach has been used to develop a novel three-port power converter and the simulation results will be presented.


Accepted version. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT), (February 26-28, 2020). DOI. © 2020 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Used with permission.

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