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This paper examines the concerns of the Core of Common Studies at Marquette University and how it specifically pertains to the College of Arts & Sciences. Through a mixed-method study, this project identifies the growing issues that students face in trying to determine their major, engage in their coursework, and gain experiences through work with their community. By looking into current students’ perspectives, it has become apparent that the Core of Common Studies requires too many credit hours and not enough of a diverse course offering. These requirements prevent students from becoming engaged in their academics and applying this knowledge into other aspects of their life. When looking into other universities’ general requirements, it is evident that Marquette University can mimic certain setups to help students receive an enriching education and allow them to take courses they are interested in.

Publication Date

Spring 2012


A poster and paper completed for English 3210. Access to this poster and paper are available at Marquette University only.

A Marginally Small Room for Error: A Call for Change of Marquette’s College of Arts & Sciences’ Core of Common Studies