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This project evaluates student perceptions of campus sexual assault and related resources at Marquette University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As campus sexual assault and an unsafe rape culture are still persistent, research is needed to bring about awareness and spark an open discourse of this issue. The original data of this project consists of the researcher’s autoethnography, observations of Marquette’s online sexual violence resources, student interviews, and an online student survey. After analyzing this data, the most important finding was that students do not share the same perceptions and knowledge of this issue, despite receiving the same resources. Also, the relationship between Marquette students and staff and other non-student people is distant and in need of development. Lastly, students want to see more change on campus concerning this issue. However, the overarching theme of their desires for change is a wish for more transparency on campus.

Publication Date

Fall 2016


sexual assault, campus sexual assault, rape culture, Marquette University, student, perceptions, discussion, resources

Rape Talk: Student Awareness and Perceptions of Campus Sexual Assault and Resources