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This paper is an examination of the Marquette University brand and its implications, attempting to answer the following research question: how does Marquette branding affect the portrayal of the college experience? My research is separated into sections: introduction, methods, findings and next direction. The methods used include interviews, scholarly literature reviews and observations, and my findings are broken down into these categories: background and significance of branding; self-identification of higher education brands; determining real authenticity while ‘being the difference;’ and traditional corporate branding in experiential services. Following my methods and findings, I propose several ideas for change: maintaining an internal focus; promoting holistic ideas through the creation of transparent media; and the expulsion of traditional corporate branding in experiential services altogether.

Publication Date

Fall 2016


university branding; branding in higher education; Marquette University; Marquette branding

All That Glitters is Blue & Gold: Examining the Marquette Brand