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This project examines the factors that affect the presence of student activism and student protest at Marquette University. The current social and political environment of the United States has created an exigence to discuss how students at Marquette critique their surroundings. Data is collected from a variety of sources including the author’s auto-ethnography, a review of historical and scholarly data, institutional data, and student and faculty interviews. Overall, the data shows that student protest and student activism at Marquette University exists amid a series of conflicting influences. The prioritization of donor-based funding and positive publicity, the ambiguity in the meaning of Marquette values, and the prevalence of repressive tolerance create an environment in which meaningful student activism is stifled.

Publication Date

Spring 2017


protest, activism, higher education, college, university, students, dissent, politics, Catholic, Jesuit, social justice

The Revolution Will Be Televised But Not Supported: Student Protest at Marquette University