These projects were created for a section of ENGL 4997: Capstone devoted to the life and work of Herman Melville. Although the course focused primarily on Melville’s short stories, novels, and novellas, students also investigated his wide-ranging (and largely undervalued) poetry as well as a sampling of his letters and literary criticism. As a capstone course, English 4997 is designed to enable each student to integrate knowledge and skills from previous experiences and coursework, both within the major and throughout the undergraduate curriculum; complete a substantial independent project involving sustained research, critical thinking, reflection, originality, and writing; and bridge the transition between college and the beginning of a career by extending and synthesizing skills and knowledge developed over the duration of the undergraduate years. As this sampling of capstone projects demonstrates, Melville’s work affords rich opportunities for advanced undergraduates to engage in critical inquiry to meet these objectives.


Submissions from 2015


The Literary Significance of Herman Melville’s Benito Cereno: An Analytical Reflection on Benito Cereno as a Fictional Narrative, Dani Kaiser


Interpretations of Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick in the Field of Visual Arts, Madeline Kudlata


Biography and Broken Barriers: Melville’s Use of Personal Experience and Social Groups to Achieve Commentary in Typee and Redburn, Katelyn Quigley


Enviro-Melville [website], Travis Smith