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Calini discovers he is a foundling, abandoned as an infant with a ring left among his. The story continues with Calini as an adult, returning from the home of his beloved, Alexa. Calini is suddenly taken hostage and locked in a dungeon by Sceloni, a monk. It is later discovered that Calni’s kidnapping is a plot by Signor Holbruzi to steal Alexa. The plot was to kill Calini, but Sceloni chooses to secretly imprison Calini instead. Holbruzi pursues Alexa. He is unsuccessful, as Alexa remains devoted to Calini. Frustrated in his attempts, Holbruzi demands that Sceloni kidnap Alexa and bring her to Holbruzi, after which he refuses to pay Sceloni for his services. Sceloni decides to leave Holbruzi and revenge himself against himby luring Holbruzi to an empty dungeon where Sceloni claims Calini is hidden. When Holbruzi enters the dungeon to kill Calini, Sceloni, shoots him.

Sceloni decides to kill Calini as well. However, when he goes to Calini, he discovers the ring Calini was left as a baby. Sceloni reveals he is Calini’s true father. Sceloni reveals that he married an unwilling maiden. Because of their unhappy marriage, Sceloni suspected his wife of adultery, believing her ring was a token from a lover and that the infant Calini was illegitimate. In a jealous rage, Sceloni kills his wife and abandons his son, only to discover that his wife was innocent. Sceloni releases Calini who deduces that Alexa must be a captive in Holbruzi’s home. Calini rescues her and the two are married. Sceloni retires to the convent.

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