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Monkish Mysteries recounts the life of Edward Stanley, The son of a disgraced knight, who is taken in by Pascal and entangled in the hatred between Pascal and the son of a priest and his seduced parishioner, Bertrand, who assumes the name Mystere. One day, Pascal is taken away by four men on horseback under orders by Mystere. Edward pleads for Pascal’s release but to no avail and departs back to Switzerland, followed by Mystere. He returns to find Albina, his love, has left for Germany after being told of Edward’s death.

In the meantime Mystere ingratiates himself with the Franciscans in the area. Edward goes in search of Albina and Remeau, Albina’s brother, stays behind secretly views Mystere practicing his ‘miracle’ which is really just a trick. Edward goes to the church at night and confronts him. He is discovered and is put in a cell in the abbey. Edward escapes and goes in search of Remeau and Albina. Edward, Remeau and Pascal reunite in Switzerland. Remeau has written a history of Edward that reveals Mystere’s trick and sends it to the Prince that Mystere currently advises who subsequently throws him in jail. Mystere escapes to the woods where he runs into Albina who has recently escaped from her own imprisonment. Mystere has a crisis of conscious and repents for his actions. He protects Albina from capture and helps her escape again. Mystere, prompted by a dream, repents to Edward and all go on to lead happy lives.

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The Monkish Mysteries; or, the Miraculous Escape: Containing the History and Villainies of the Monk Bertrand, the Detection of His Impious Frauds, and Subsequent Repentance and Retribution.