Date of Award

Summer 1981

Degree Type

Master's Essay - Restricted

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




The verbal coping behaviors of a four and one-half year old boy hospitalized for surgical repair of hypospadias were recorded by the nurse researcher while participating in nursing care of the Subject. Data were collected in the form of process recordings. Data were analyzed and categorized on a sequential basis in relation to events of intrusion and according to frequency. The three major categories of verbal behaviors were: verbal behaviors in relation to (1) anticipated intrusion, (2) experienced intrusion, and (3) recalled intrusion. Both spontaneous and elicited verbal behaviors were recorded. Verbal behaviors in relation to events of anticipated intrusion were elicited through the use of three projective techniques: storytelling, demonstration, and the play interview. Elicited verbal behaviors in relation to events of recalled intrusion were obtained and recorded through the use of the play interview. The highest number of behaviors was found in relation to anticipated intrusion. Most of these verbal behaviors were spontaneous verbalizations. All of the verbal behaviors in relation to experienced intrusion were spontaneous verbal behaviors. The highest number of verbal behaviors in relation to recalled intrusion were elicited behaviors.