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"Eve Sussman’s 89 Seconds at Alcázar, 2004, is a High-Definition video tableau inspired from Diego Velázquez’s famous painting Las Meninas, 1656, at the Museo del Prado. The video is an artistic revisioning of the moments leading up to and directly following the approximately eighty-nine seconds in time when the royal family and their courtiers would have come together in the exact configuration in Velázquez’s painting. To make 89 Seconds at Alcázar, the artist assembled a team of thirty-five which included an architect, set designer, choreographer, costume designer, actors, actresses and a film crew. While the actual shooting of the 360° video using a Steadicam was done in four days, the project took over three years to realize."


Published version. Haggerty Museum gallery guide entitled: "Eve Sussman: 89 Seconds at Alcazar" (2005). ©2005 Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University. Used with permission.