Jump Cut Pop

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Jump Cut Pop, which was organized by the Haggerty, features more than 50 works from the mid-1960s to 2008 inspired by the Pop Art movement. The artists confront contemporary social, political and historical issues using poster design, printmaking, painting, photography, collage and video. The works are typically graphic in execution and palette, presenting complex image relationships in multilayered collaged formats. Works by Eduardo Paolozzi, Tadanori Yokoo and Jane Hammond are drawn from the museum’s Permanent Collection. Acquired in the early 1980s, the two portfolios by Eduardo Paolozzi, General Dynamic F.U.N, 1970, and Conditional Probability Machine, 1970, and the vintage offset lithographs by international recognized graphic artist Tadanori Yokoo will be shown at the Haggerty for the first time. Also to be presented are works on loan from museums, galleries and private collections. Other artists in Jump Cut Pop are Cliff Evans, Nobu Fukui and Martha Rosler.


Published version. Published in a Haggerty Museum gallery guide entitled "Jump Cut Pop" (2009). © 2009 Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University. Used with permission.