Abundance and utilization of Pyrenacantha sylvestris in Budongo Forest Reserve, western Uganda

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African Journal of Ecology


Pyrenacantha sylvestris S. Moore (Icacinaceae), locally known as Kateganende, has been extensively harvested by local people yet poorly managed. This has created a gap between its utilization and conservation. A study was therefore conducted to document its abundance and utilization in Budongo Forest Reserve. Abundance was assessed in ten systematically sampled plots of 20 × 50 m. Five of the plots were established in logged forest (compartment N2) and the other five in the nature reserve (compartment N15). Individual P. sylvestris and trellises were recorded and their respective diameter at breast height measured. Questionnaires designed to capture information on the utilization of P. sylvestris were administered to 40 systematically selected respondents adjacent to the forest reserve. Abundance was highest in logged areas of the forest (χ2 = 14.8, d.f. = 4, P < 0.01). Individuals in the diameter class 0.1–0.5 cm were the most abundant. Pyrenacantha sylvestris in the forest were mostly hosted in the trellises of the diameter class 1.0–10 cm. Over-reliance and use of P. sylvestris threaten the survival of the species. There is a need to create awareness and regulate its harvesting. In addition, research needs to be conducted on the possibility of propagating and domesticating this plant.