Levantamento flori­stico das especies de ervas, subarbustos, lianas e hemiepifitas da mata da reserva da Cidade Universidade \"Armando de Salles Oliveira\", Sao Paulo, SP, Brasil

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Boletim de Botanica da Universidade de Sao Paulo


A survey of species of all plant life forms except trees, shrubs and epiphytes was carried out on an urban forest fragment. Such area occupies near 10 ha, representing one of the few forest remnants of Sao Paulo City. The climate of the region is Cwa of Köppen, with mean temperature in the warmest month upper than 22oC and in the coldest one between 3-18oC, with annual precipitation higher than 1,000 mm. Sao Paulo City forests show floristic and structural correlations both to the Atlantic Forest and to the inland mesophytic semideciduous forests of the São Paulo State. Monthly col- lections of botanical samples were made between March 1995 and December 1997, with scattered supplementary collections made after that period. A total amount of 188 species have been identified, belonging to 138 genera in 49 families of angiosperms and 8 families of pteridophytes. The families with the greatest number of species are Asteraceae (22 species), Poaceae and Bigno- niaceae (10 species each), Leguminosae (9 species), Malvaceae and Sapindaceae (8 species each), Araceae and Apocynaceae (7 species each), Commelinaceae and Marantaceae (6 species each). Identification keys emphasizing vegetative features, as well as descriptions and comments on the phenology, dispersal and geographic distribution of the species are presented

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