Lianas da Estacco Ecologica do Noroeste Paulista, Sao Jose Do Rio Preto/Mirassol, SP

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Acta Botanica Brasilica


Lianas are characteristic, abundant and ecologically important members of tropical forest but they have been neglected in floristics and phytossociologicals studies. This work presents a floristic survey of the lianas species at Estação Ecológica do Noroeste Paulista (EENP), and a comparison of the list of species recorded in this work with those reported for other fragments of São Paulo state. The EENP -20o 48\' 36\" S e 49o 22\' 50\" W- is at 468 m of altitude and comprises an area of 168,43 ha, divided into three fragments of vegetation. Samples of lianas were collected in the interior and along the edges of the forest fragments. It was identified 105 species: 99 Magnoliopsida (60 genera and 22 families); six Liliopsida (three genera and three families). The richest families in species comprised 59% of the total of lianas sampled. The dendrogram of similarity showed a low similarity between the forest situated in the littoral (Atlantic Forest) and those located in the interior of the state of São Paulo. Some other authors, also analysing the similarity of forest of the interior and Atlantic Forest of São Paulo state, but considering only the trees reported the same result.

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