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Higher Education Administration with Social Media

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Social media provides institutions an opportunity for a new level of engagement with prospective students, alumni, donors and community members. This chapter begins with an overview of social media in higher education, who is using it and for what, then provides a few talking points to consider with others before beginning a push into social media. The remainder of the chapter includes a few examples of ways in which social media are used to engage alumni and prospective students, including utilizing Twitter as a free SMS service to provide updates to prospective students during their recruitment, creating an iPhone application for alumni weekend as both an information and engagement tool, and using live tweets from alumni during homecoming to provide an authentic look at the day’s events.


Author version. Eric Kowalik, "Engaging Alumni and Prospective Students Through Social Media," in Higher Education Administration with Social Media. Eds. Laura A. Wankel and Charles Wankel. Emerald Group Publishing, Ltd. 2011: 211-227

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