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American Library Association (ALA)

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Finding a Public Voice: Barbara Fister as a Case Study Edited by Danielle Theiss and Diane Kovacs

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The inspiration for this essay is Barbara Fister’s assertion that librarians must embrace functions that have not traditionally been part of the academic librarian’s portfolio. We shall examine the need for career adaptability in librarianship and use a case study to illustrate the four attributes librarians need to develop to ensure career adaptability. The case study involved collaboration between Kansas State University (KSU) Libraries, an agronomy professor, and the Global Research Alliance to develop an open access croplands research database. We will draw upon the field of vocational psychology to discuss career adaptability and ways librarians can develop the traits needed for good career adaptability: career concern, career control, career curiosity and career confidence (4 Cs) (Savickas, 2005).


Accepted version. "Academic Librarianship and Career Adaptability" in Finding a Public Voice: Barbara Fister as a Case Study. Eds. Danielle Theiss and Diane Kovacs. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, a division of the American Library Association, 2013. Permalink. © 2013 ACRL. Used with permission.