Marquette Literary Review


Table of contents

[cover] Andy Mayer, “Poet, Bound”

5 Margot Zamberlin, “Under the Rhododendron”

6 Lauren Demasek, “Mind Waves”

7 Will Scheueman, “At Home”

10 Jacob Riyeff, “Deer Camp”

12 Nikita Deep, “Hiraeth Lake”

13 Kayla DiFranco “An Ode to My Love”

14 Tommy Donahue, “Just Another Stat”

15 Olivia Cimino “A Full Swing”

17 Kelly Kennedy, “Winnie”

18 Meghan King, “Take Me There”

19 Lauren Demasek, “Soul of the Sea”

21 Sadaf Nasir, “Crystal Clear”

22 Grace Lambertson, “Fulfillment”

24 Peter Spaulding “Avylon Landing”

28 Sadaf Nasir, “Baldie”

29 Maggie Miller “The Charcoal Sky”

31 Nikki Deep, “Lost City”

32 Urwa Ahmad, “Pour Over”

34 Claire Carlson, “Moon Jelly”

35 Ross Bravo, “Warmth”

36 Hailey Wellner, “Our Past Lives”

37 Ryan Hagan, “Dead Weight Walking, or Trudge of the Somber Tumult”

39 Mia Gleason, “The Creek”

41 Andy Mayer, “Wilderness”

42 Ryan Hagan, “Auntie”

45 Sarah Aaron, “Starlit Sisters”

47 Spencer Kilapatrick, “The Loving Cup”

48 Lauren Demasek, “Sublime Dream”

49 Jack Murphy, “An African Serpent’s Song”

50 Sarah Aaron, “August”

56 Kelly Kennedy, “Elvis Blues”

57 Urwa Ahmad, “Other”

58 Margarita Buitrago, “Haughty Happenings”

59 Saul Lopez, “El Rey”

61 Riley Knapp, “Mother Earth and Father Yhwh”

63 Riley Ellison, “62523”

65 Ryan Hagan, “Snow Dune, Ice Tunnel”

66 Eren Joyce, “xolotl”

67 Kelsie Kasky, “But Let Them Fly”

68 Georgette Kouassi, “At Your Side”

69 Mia Gleason, “Mask of Art”

70 Jannea Thomason, “Condolences”

71 Ryan Hagan, “A Clockwork Orange”

72 Hailey Whetten, “A Child’s Brain”

75 Oluwappelumi Oguntade, “Dandy”

77 Jessica Diebold, “He Died in His Dreams”

79 Nikki Deep, “Unconditional”

80 Sarah Aaron, “Amber Summer Sunday”

81 Sadaf Nasir, “Fort Jefferson”