Editor's introduction: Rhythm is never far from the pages of the Catholic press. During his pontificate Pope Pius XII expressed the wish that science would succeed in providing rhythm ("this licit method" as he called it) with a sufficiently secure basis. The Family Life convention held here last year devoted several of its sessions to the subject. More recently the Ford Foundation awarded a grant of $150,000 to Georgetown University for a population problem study related to rhythm. The scientist, the physician, the married couple, the theologian, and the confessor are all obligated to one another and, collectively to God to see that this method, when justifiably employed, does not pose an obstacle to spiritual, moral and physical health. What part and what interest does the Catholic physician have? The St. Louis Review presented a series of questions on this subject to a group of Catholic doctors, members of our local Catholic Physicians' Guild. Here follows a synthesis of their answers.



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