John F. Russell


(This is a greatly abbreviated adaptation from a chapter in Dr. Russell's current book-length manuscript on the homosexual issue in all the major religious denominations in the United States. In gathering material for the book, Dr. Russell, who has been a professional scholar on organized homosexual activities for over two decades, has interviewed literally hundreds of religious and lay officials of all denominations along with numerous gay activists. In addition, he has researched well over 10,000 articles, publications, and news items on the subject. The material presented here barely penetrates even this single aspect of the multifaceted scope of the total problem realized by the religious and lay communities, homosexual and heterosexual alike.

The present article reflects some points in the views of at least a score of individuals, most of whom are taking a position opposed to church tradition and teaching on the issue of homosexuality. The points expressed in this short presentation might be considered as headnotes since they merely open the doors to the considerable in-depth thoughts and studies of the individuals concerned. Moreover, it is well to keep in mind that this article has not exhausted the list of Catholic August, 1976 theologians and others who have expressed their scholarly and otherwise knowledgeable views on the matter and the impact that the various avenues of approach will have on church, society, and especially the individual.)



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