Issues in Special Education


Issues in Special Education



Reviews and examines practices, controversial issues, trends and future directions in special education. This book analyzes such subjects as family stress, death education, involuntary euthanasia, disciplinary procedures and the school year.



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Table of Contents

Part I

1. Characteristics of Successful Service Systems for Persons with Developmental Disabilities

2. Involuntary Euthanasia: Withholding Treatment from Infants with Severe Handicaps

3. The Restricted Use of Traditional Disciplinary Procedures with Handicapped Youngsters

4. Minimum Competency Testing for handicapped Students: Is It Working?

5. The IEP Revisited: A Look at the Concept and the Reality

6. Providing for Rural Special Education Needs

7. Culturally Diverse Special Education Students

Part II

8. The Efficacy of Special Versus Regular Class Placement of Exceptional Students

9. Mainstreamed and Integrated Preschool Programs

10. Stressors and Reactions Experienced by Special Education Professional

11. The Impact of a Disabled Child: Familial Stress and Professional Strategies

Part III

12. Rethinking Practices in Classifying Students with Mild Handicaps

13. Neuropsychological Assessments of Exceptional Children: Impact on Special Education

14. Assessment Practices for Young Handicapped Children

15. Vocational Evaluation of handicapped Adolescents and Youths

Part IV

16. Testing and Grading Mainstreamed Students in Regular Education Subjects

17. Computer Applications in Special Education

18. Development of Social Skills

Part V

19. Advances in Methods and Programming with Autistic Children

20. Death Education: An Issue for the Living

21. Extended School Year Programs for Severely/Profoundly Handicapped Students: A Case for It

22. Training in Natural Environments to Minimize the Handicaps of Students with Severe Impairments


Issues in Special Education