Women's Literary Creativity and the Female Body


Women's Literary Creativity and the Female Body



This collection attempts to place in convergence a few central questions: how has woman’s experience of her body shaped her creativity? How do women exist in cultural contexts and, more importantly, how do they respond to cultural traditions that impose their conventions and contexts on women’s identities? Does the experience of being a woman, or more specifically of giving birth, alter the creative process for women? How and in what ways are women’s bodies conduits for ideological messages? How do women’s literary works respond to the variety of different ideologies imposed upon them? How are the literary genres they use shaped by women’s responses to their cultural positions? Large questions, perhaps ultimately unanswerable, but these are the topics around which this volume revolves in its explorations of British, American, Spanish, and Canadian women artists as well as through the various genres in which they have written.



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New York


English Language and Literature | Women's Studies


Table of Contents

Introduction : women, creativity, and the female body / Diane Long Hoeveler and Donna Decker Schuster

Anne Bradstreet's application of modern feminist theory / Katarzyna Malecka

Creative Tension: The symbolic and the semiotic in Emily Dickinson's "I heard a Fly buzz--when I died--" / Beth Jensen

Father, Don't You See That I am Dreaming?: The female Gothic and the creative process / Diane Long Hoeveler

Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Rhetorical Location: Modern rhetors transgressing culture and transforming genre / Donna Decker Schuster

Elegance and Make-up: Nature, modernity, and the female body in the Spanish Beach narratives of the 1920s; Wenceslao Fernández Flórez and Carmen de Burgos / Eugenia V. Afinoguénova

Mary Augusta Ward's Literary Portraits of the Artist as Medusa / Linda M. Lewis

Re-visioning the "Vision from a fairer world than his": Women, creativity, and work in East Lynne and Mrs. Doubtfire / Karen M. Odden

Matrix and Voice in A.S. Byatt's Possession / Marguerite Helmers

Creation and Procreation in Margaret Atwood's "Giving birth": A narrative of doubles / Pascale Sardin

Female Voices, Male Listeners: Identifying gender in the poetry of Anne Sexton and Wanda Coleman / Ian Williams

Women's Literary Creativity and the Female Body