Counseling Exceptional Students


Counseling Exceptional Students



This book was designed by its authors to convey the disability-specific information necessary for counseling efforts to support the mainstreamed exceptional child. Successful counseling with exceptional children calls for background on such issues as etiology, definition, prevalence, and characteristics. Moreover, knowledge of counseling problems as viewed by children, their parents, and teachers is necessary to provide balance to the ecological perspectives needed to counsel the "whole child." The authors also have included within the discussion of each chapter successful counseling findings related in the literature. This in no way precludes other approaches or modalities of counseling, but it does provide a basis and direction for education personnel who are counseling exceptional children.

The exceptionalities represented in this book are selected because of the frequency in which these children are found in mainstreamed classes. Admittedly, there will be a higher incidence of certain exceptionalities, for example, learning-disabled children versus visually handicapped children. However, the spirit of the least restrictive environment has placed children of all exceptionalities in the mainstream. As special education enters its second decade in the Public Law 94-142 era, the futures of exceptional children will depend in part on the efforts of counseling personnel who clearly have an important role in the lives of mainstreamed children.



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Chapter 1. Overview of Counseling Exceptional Students

Chapter 2. Parameters of the Mainstreamed Classroom

Chapter 3. Strategies for Changing Behavior

Chapter 4. Counseling the Mentally Retarded Child

Chapter 5. Counseling the Learning Disabled

Chapter 6. Counseling the Mildly Behaviorally Disordered Child

Chapter 7. Counseling the Language-Disordered Child

Chapter 8. Counseling the Hearing-Impaired Child

Chapter 9. Counseling the Visually Handicapped Child

Chapter 10. Counseling the Physically Handicapped Child

Chapter 11. Counseling the Health-Impaired Child

Chapter 12. Counseling the Gifted Child

Chapter 13. Counseling the Abused Child

Chapter 14. Counseling Parents with Handicapped children in Mainstreamed Settings

Chapter 15. Collecting and Using Assessment Information

Appendix A: Sources of Materials on Counseling the Handicapped Student

Appendix B: Films on Counseling the Handicapped Student

Appendix C: Support Agencies on Counseling the Handicapped Student

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Counseling Exceptional Students