Race & Family: A Structural Approach


Race & Family: A Structural Approach



In Race and Family: A Structural Approach, author Roberta L. Coles looks at ethnic minority families in a novel way— through a structural lens. Unlike many texts on race and family, this book offers an approach that illustrates overarching structural factors affecting all families as opposed to examining each ethnicity in isolation from one another. By focusing on various structural factors such as demographic, economic, and historical aspects, this book analyzes various family trends in a cross-cutting manner to exemplify the similarities and distinctions among all racial and ethnic groups.

Key Features:

  • Establishes commonalities and differences across various cultures within American society in an approach that enables students to better compare and contrast different ethnic groups
  • Covers multiracial families, in addition to traditional ethnic groups such as African American, Native American, Latino American, and Asian American, to provide the most contemporary examination of American families
  • Uses the latest research and Census data to present a relevant assessment of trends in family structure, gender relations, intergenerational relations, family violence, acculturation, interracial marriage, and adoption in an increasingly diverse American context
  • Includes an annotated listing of suggested videos, autobiographies, articles, and Web sites students can explore for further information

Race and Family is a brief core textbook designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying ethnic minority families and family diversity in the departments of Human Development & Family Studies, Family & Consumer Sciences, and Sociology.



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Social and Behavioral Sciences


Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Approaching the Study of Race and Family

3. A Brief History of the American Family

4. Cross-Cultural Comparisons

5. Family Structures

6. Gender Relations and Sex Ratios

7. Intergenerational Relationships: Parent and Child

8. Intergenerational Relationships in Late Life: The Elderly, Their Adult Children and Grandchildren

9. African American Families

10. Native American Families

11. Latino American Families

12. Asian American Families

13. acculturation and Multiracial Family Issues


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Race & Family: A Structural Approach