Resonant MEMS: Fundamentals, Implementation and Application


Resonant MEMS: Fundamentals, Implementation and Application



Part of the AMN book series, this book covers the principles, modeling and implementation as well as applications of resonant MEMS from a unified viewpoint. It starts out with the fundamental equations and phenomena that govern the behavior of resonant MEMS and then gives a detailed overview of their implementation in capacitive, piezoelectric, thermal and organic devices, complemented by chapters addressing the packaging of the devices and their stability. The last part of the book is devoted to the cutting-edge applications of resonant MEMS such as inertial, chemical and biosensors, fluid properties sensors, timing devices and energy harvesting systems.



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Civil and Environmental Engineering


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Part I: Fundamentals

1. Fundamental Theory of Resonant MEMS Devices / Stephen M. Heinrich and Isabelle Dufour

2. Frequency Response of Cantilever Beams Immersed in Viscous Fluids / Cornelis Anthony van Eysden and John Elie Sader

3. Damping in Resonant MEMS / Shirin Ghaffari and Thomas William Kenny

4. Parametrically Excited Micro- and Nanosystems / Jeffrey F. Rhoads, Congzhong Guo, and Gary K. Fedder

5. Finite ElementModeling of Resonators / Reza Abdolvand, Jonathan Gonzales, and Gavin Ho

Part II: Implementation 119

6. Capacitive Resonators / Gary K. Fedder

7. Piezoelectric Resonant MEMS / Gianluca Piazza

8. Electrothermal Excitation of Resonant MEMS / Oliver Brand and Siavash Pourkamali

9. Nanoelectromechanical Systems (NEMS) / Liviu Nicu, Vaida Auzelyte, Luis Guillermo Villanueva, Nuria Barniol, Francesc Perez-Murano,Warner J. Venstra, Herre S. J. van der Zant, Gabriel Abadal, Veronica Savu, and Jürgen Brugger

10. Organic Resonant MEMS Devices / Sylvan Schmid

11. Devices with Embedded Channels / Thomas P. Burg

12. Hermetic Packaging for Resonant MEMS / Matthew William Messana, Andrew Bradley Graham, and Thomas William Kenny

13. Compensation, Tuning, and Trimming of MEMS Resonators / Roozbeh Tabrizian and Farrokh Ayazi

Part III: Application 327

14. MEMS Inertial Sensors / Diego Emilio Serrano and Farrokh Ayazi

15. Resonant MEMS Chemical Sensors / Luke A. Beardslee, Oliver Brand, and Fabien Josse

16. Biosensors / Blake N. Johnson and Raj Mutharasan

17. Fluid Property Sensors / Erwin K. Reichel, Martin Heinisch, and Bernhard Jakoby

18. Energy Harvesting Devices / Stephen P. Beeby


Resonant MEMS: Fundamentals, Implementation and Application