The Elgar Companion to Economics and Philosophy


The Elgar Companion to Economics and Philosophy



The Elgar Companion to Economics and Philosophy aims to demonstrate exactly how these two important areas have always been linked, and to illustrate the key areas of overlap.

The Companion is divided into distinct parts, each of which highlights a leading area of scholarly concern: political economy conceived as social philosophy; the methodology and epistemology of economics; and social ontology and the ontology of economics. The contributors are well-known and distinguished authors from a variety of disciplines, who have been invited both to survey and to provide a personal assessment of current and prospective future states of their respective areas of philosophical interest.

Academics and students who have an interest in economics and philosophy, political philosophy and the history of ideas will find this book of great appeal, as will researchers working in the field and readers interested in the nature of the discipline of economics.



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Natural law, natural history and the foundations of political economy / José Luís Cardoso --

The historical and philosophical foundations of new political economy / Alain Marciano --

Economic rationality / Shaun P. Hargreaves Heap --

From imperialism to inspiration: a survey of economics and psychology / Bruno S. Frey, Matthias Benz --

Institutional economics: from Menger and Veblen to Coase and North / Geoffrey M. Hodgson --

Taking evolution seriously: what difference does it make for economics? / Jake J. Vromen --

Normative economics and theories of distributive justice / Marc Fleurbaey --

Ideology: an economic point of view / Alain Leroux --

The methodology of scientific research programmes / Roger E. Backhouse --

Constructivism: the social construction of scientific knowledge / D. Wade Hands --

From feminist empiricism to feminist poststructuralism: philosophical questions in feminist economics / Drucilla K. Barker --

Rhetoric and postmodernism in economics / Robert F. Garnett --

Models in economics / Marcel Boumans --

Formalism / Peter Kesting, Arnis Vilks --

Methodological individualism and economics / Harold Kincaid --

Philosophical under-labouring in the context of modern economics: aiming at truth and usefulness in the meanest of ways / Tony Lawson --

The conflict between formalism and realisticness in modern economics: the case of the new institutional economics / Stephen Pratten --

Structure and agency in economic analysis: the case of Austrian economics and the material embeddedness of socio-economic life / Paul A. Lewis --

Collective intentionality, complex economic behavior, and valuation / John B. Davis --

Descartes' legacy: intersubjective reality, intrasubjective theory / Edward Fullbrook --

Information, knowledge and modelling economic agency / Philip Faulkner, Jochen Runde --

Conceptions of probability / Charles R. McCann --

Money / Geoffrey Ingham.

The Elgar Companion to Economics and Philosophy