The Church as Salt and Light : Path to an African Ecclesiology of Abundant Life


The Church as Salt and Light : Path to an African Ecclesiology of Abundant Life



This book is an attempt at a critical, constructive, and creative theological praxis of social transformation in Africa. The authors apply a multi-disciplinary approach to examining how Christianity in Africa is engaging the problems of Africa's challenging social context.

This is a prophetic work that applies the symbols of "salt" and "light" as ecclesiological images for reenvisioning the path towards procuring abundant life for God's people in the African continent through the agency of African Christianity.

The contributors to this volume ask these fundamental questions: What is the face of Jesus in African Christianity? What is the face and identity of the Church in Africa? How can one evaluate the relevance of the Church in Africa to African Christians who enthusiastically embrace and celebrate their Christian faith? In other words, what positive imprint is Christianity leaving on the lives and societies of African Christians? Does the Christian message have the potential of positively affecting African civilization as it once did in Europe? What is the relevance and place of African Christianity as a significant voice in shaping both the future of Africa and that of world Christianity?



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Eugene, OR


Mission of the church-- Africa, Christianity, Church


African Studies | Catholic Studies | Comparative Methodologies and Theories | Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


Table of Contents

Foreword by Agbonkhianmeghe E. Orobator, SJ


1. Beginning Afresh with Christ in the Search for Abundant Life in Africa / Stan Chu Ilo

2. The Church in Africa and the Search for Integral and Sustainable Development of Africa: Toward a Socio-Economic and Politically Responsive Church / Emeka Xris Obiezu

3. The Church in Africa: Salt of the Earth? / Joseph Ogbonnaya

4. The Church in Africa and the Search for Abundant Life: Signposts for Renewal and Transformation of God's People in Africa / Alex Ojacor

5. Globalization and the African Woman: A Socio-Cultural Analysis of the Effect of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Women / Bosco Ebere Amakwe

6. New Evangelization in Africa: Learning from the Culture of Love in the Early Church / Bekeh Ukelina Utietiang




The Church as Salt and Light : Path to an African Ecclesiology of Abundant Life