Women of Color: Defining the Issues, Hearing the Voices


Women of Color: Defining the Issues, Hearing the Voices



Discusses the issues facing women of color in contemporary society, the representation of these issues in modern American literature, and the place of women of color in higher education.

Beginning in the late 1960s, women's studies scholars worked to introduce courses on the history, literature, and philosophies of women. While these initial efforts were rather general, women's studies programs have started to give increasing amounts of attention to the special concerns of women of color. The topic itself is politically charged, and there is growing awareness that the issues facing women of color are diverse and complex. Expert contributors offer chapters on the major concerns facing women of color in the modern world, particularly in the United States and Latin America.

Each chapter treats one or more groups of women who have been underrepresented in women's studies scholarship or have had their experiences misinterpreted, including African Americans, Latina Americans, Asian Americans, and Native Americans. Women of Color includes chapters on theories related to race, gender, and identity. One section provides discussions of literature by women of color, including works by such authors as Toni Morrison and Maxine Hong Kingston. The book also focuses on the place of women of color in higher education, including chapters on women of color and the women's studies curriculum, and the role of librarians in shaping women's studies programs.



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English Language and Literature


Table of Contents

Foreword / Toni-Michelle Travis

Introduction / Diane Long Hoeveler

Theoretical Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Identity

Defining Differences: Feminism, Race Theory, and Identity Politics in the Academy / Nina Manasan Greenberg

The Uses of Silence: Notes on the "Will to Unsay" / Patti Duncan

Women Networking with Their Neighbors: The Universal Thread of Civic Activism / Janet K. Boles

Bearing Subaltern Witness: Rigoberta Menchu's Testimonio and Our Human Identity / Lance Grahn

Standpoint Epistemology and Women of Color / Jorge Valadez

Raising and Listening to Our Voices

Ethical Authority and Women Writers of Color / Mary Sullivan Haller

Postcolonial Daughters: Nairobi, Beijing, and Paule Marshall / Laura H. Roskos

Like Words for Pain/Like Water for Chocolate Mouths, Wombs, and the Mexican Women's Novel / Diane Long Hoeveler

Intersections of Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Experimentation in the Autobiographical Writings of Cherr'e Moraga and Maxine Hong Kingston / Rosetta R. Haynes

Growing Up Desperately: The Adolescent ‘Other' in the Novels of Paule Marshall, Toni Morrison, and Michelle Cliff / Nancy Backes

The Theater of the New World (B)Orders: Performing Cultural Criticism with Coco Fusco, Guillermo Gomez-Peña and Anna Deavere Smith / Jennifer Drake


Curriculum Reform, Women's Studies, and Women of Color by Arlene Sgoutas

Librarians and Women's Studies Programs by Arglenda Friday

Women of Color: Defining the Issues, Hearing the Voices